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Product Related Questions

EMS Leggings

How different is your product compared to other brands? 

4 pads vs 2 pads

BOOST Leggings come with 4 pads - 2 for butt and 2 for hamstring. While other brands usually come with 2.

Permanent Pad (No replacement needed)

Our pads are semi-permanent which means they are built to last for longer than a year. No more of those pesky gel pads that needs to be replaced every 1 to 2 months.

6 modes vs 2 modes

Our controller also comes in 6 different modes for you to choose from - Relax, Tighten, Strength, Massage, Vibrate and Pound

Easy Wash

The leggings are easy to wash, simply detach the controller before throwing it into the washing machine. We recommend hand washing the leggings for longer durability. PLEASE DO NOT PUT THE LEGGINGS INTO A DRYER.

Customer Satisfaction

BOOST is constantly improving our product quality to meet customer satisfaction. Our company values having high internal product quality standards and work closely with global EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) experts including R&D labs and manufacturing partners, we are confident that our quality is one of the best in EMS fitness wear. 

How many modes are available? 

We have 6 different modes (Relax, Tighten, Strength, Massage, Vibrate and Pound). Different colors representing different modes ranging from 20-100hz.

Be sure to use the lowest intensity on your first try and increase the intensity over time. We recommend a minimum of 20 minutes per session and at least 2 sessions per week.

How do you wash the leggings? 


You can choose to machine wash your Leggings but never put it in a dryer as the leggings may shrink. We recommend hand washing for longer durability!

How to use: 

Where are the pads located? 

Our EMS leggings are made with a total of 4 pads hidden seamlessly in the leggings. 2 around the rear area and 2 around the hamstrings. Using Graphene Conductive Film, Boost EMS leggings pads are thin and seamless.

Using the leggings

Apply water, body cream, oil or Boost Stick on the pads before wearing the leggings.

Direct contact with your skin is necessary (Please do not wear any underwear as it may hinder with the product) 

How long do the pads last? 

Unlike other EMS products in the market, our pads are semi-permanent and do not need to be replaced. Our BOOST Leggings can be hand-washed and lasts for years. 

My controller is not working, what should I do? 

There're 5 CONDITIONS for Boost the Leggings to work.

⚡ Battery Charged ⚡

The battery sufficiently charged to send signals to the muscle. Please charge the battery for at least 30minutes. After a 30-minute charge, you can use it for 120 minutes.

⚡ The pads should be wet ⚡

Spray water on the pads or use the BOOST™ Stick so that your skin is moist.

Every BOOST order will arrive with a 60ml spray bottle for your convenience.

⚡ Direct contact to the skin ⚡

To pass electrical stimulation directly to the target muscles, the EMS Pads should have direct contact with bare skin.

We recommend not wearing any underwear when using BOOST Leggings.

⚡ It should be turned on⚡

Long Press "M" button for 3 seconds to turn on

Short Press "M" button to change modes.

Increase or decrease intensity suitable for your body.

⚡Controller should never be wet⚡

Please note you can wash the leggings but never wet the Controller.

If the problem persists, please e-mail us at and send us a video of your product with the controller. We will ask you a few questions and if the Controller is indeed faulty, we will send you a new one!

For more information, please visit our website


How to use: 

How long does the controller last? 

With a 30 minutes full charge, the controller can last up to 120 minutes of use. The device turns of after 30 minutes but you may feel free to use the leggings longer. 

Fit-Belt / Waist Trimmer

How do you use the Fit Belt?  

Please refer to this video on how to use the Fit Belt!

Some tips and tricks!

⚡ The pads should be wet

⚡ There should be direct contact to the skin

⚡ Pads should be tight to send you stimulus

⚡ The parts and wires should all be connected. 

How do you wash the Fit Belt? 


You can choose to machine wash your Fit Belt but never put it in a dryer. We recommend hand washing for longer durability! 

Waist Trimmer - Is it EMS embedded? 

BOOST Waist trimmer is built to help you sweat better. For a product with EMS, we recommend our Fit-Belt!

Boost EMS Fit Belt : Effective Workout with EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

Boost Waist Trimmer  : Induces Sweat(No EMS)


Boost Stick

When do you use Boost Stick?

Encourages easier sweat. Best performed when combined with Boost Leggings and Waist Trimmer

Shipping & Returns 

What is your Return & Exchange Policy? 

We are extremely confident that you will love Boost Leggings. However, if you do not find The Boost suitable for you, we offer a 30-day returns policy.

The product must be returned along with the full box and all the components - The leggings, The Controller, USB Cable, Water Spray Bottle, and the How to Use Guide that it arrives in.

If you need to return your Boost, please email our team at with your order name and number, as well as the reason why you would like to return your Boost.

* If the returned item arrives with any missing item or is deemed unfit by our inspection team for any reason, BOOST reserves the right to deny your refund. 

Where do you ship from? 

BOOST ships internationally to many countries including Australia and Europe. Our global distribution center is located in Shenzhen, China to provide competitive delivery days to all of our customers. 

How long does shipping take? 

For shipping days, please check our shipping policy page at 

General Questions

Can I use them in addition to my regular exercise? 

Absolutely! If used in addition to your normal workout routine, it will help you achieve even greater results! 

How long until I see results?

Just like everything in life, it takes time! We recommend to use BOOST for a minimum of 4 weeks to see results! As with any workout session, the speed and degree of the results will depend on your consistency and level of use. 

How often do I need to train? 

For best results, use for at least 20 mins per session. We recommend consistently using the leggings for at least 2 sessions per week. 

Can I use the leggings for more than 30 minutes a day?  


Can I use the leggings every day? 


Does this help with muscles in the upper thigh as well as the buttocks? 

Yes. Built with Boost EMS technology, the semi-permanent pads on your leggings stimulate your muscles, targeting your buttocks and hamstrings. 

I have implants, can I still use it? 

We do not recommend people with Bone Implants made with metals to use the BOOST Leggings. However, people with dental, breast or face implants may feel free to use the Leggings. 

I have lipedema. Can I use it? 

EMS (electric muscle stimulator) is commonly used for mobility training for people who experience immobility. As everybody’s condition is different, we suggest that you consult your doctor before making a purchase. 

For abs/belly/waist, what product should I buy? 

Is this technology safe?  

Of course! Electrical Muscle Stimulation (Also known as EMS) method has been used for decades in the medical field and by professional athletes.

It was initially invented for NASA astronauts who would not be able to use their muscles for a prolonged periods of time due to zero gravity in space. From then on it has been adopted by Hospitals, Physical Therapy Clinics, Chiropractors and even Pro Athletes. EMS Technology does not just help with muscle development for people with mobility issues, it is also very beneficial for strength and endurance training.

BOOST has now innovated this EMS technology into a fitness wear that can be incorporated into daily life and workouts. Be sure to use the lowest intensity on the first try and increase the intensity over time. BOOST adapts 6 training modes and 15 progressive intensities. 


Are you true to size?

Our leggings are true to size. They are built tight for better stimulus. Please check your size from our sizing chart.

Let us know if you have any questions please e-mail us at and we'll be more than happy to assist you at any time. 

Size don't fit. What do I do?

No worries! Our Return and Exchange Policies are Quick and Simple.

Simply e-mail us at and our customer service staff will tend to you shortly.  


Do you handle the tax for UK customers?

For the UK customers, BOOST uses Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) terms, everything is handled by us until you receive the product.